The objective of our project is the creation of a Maritime training programme to educate local unemployed people so they can attain certified level of maritime employment in the marine industry It is also our dual mandate in preserving the nautical heritage and the creation & support of employment in the Dublin Port & Docklands area.


Our project will primarily impact those who are unemployed within the port & docklands area by providing the necessary skills to ensure future employment within the maritime sector.


If successful we aim for up to 75% of our trainees to be in permanent employment within Maritime companies with a further 15% going on to further maritime education.


At present there are no existing solutions to supply a certified work force for maritime employment opportunities that are available in Dublin Port & beyond.


At the end of 5 years we will have graduated a minimum of 120 students into fulltime employment or on to further education in the maritime sector.

Our first student enrolment will be in Feb 2019. Our project is fully developed with a highly detailed business plan, proof of concept, incorporating feed back from the local communities of Dublin port & associated maritime industries.

We hope to establish a working relationship with marine businesses by creating a linked work experience program with the many companies that already operate within the port.


Our training model will go beyond the Dublin Docklands environs and grow to include other communities throughout Ireland that wish to embrace this type of training.

Our project will continue to grow constantly and evolve over the next few years by expanding our curriculum to offer a range of more advanced courses (i.e. Commercial deep-sea training), global job placements with greater capacity for students.

Current Courses Available

Trainees on board on the water with trainer


Comprehensive Maritime Training Course

SPCC Maritime Training Course


Safe Passage & Communications Course