Comprehensive Maritime Training Course

The Comprehensive Maritime Training Course provides trainees knowledge and skills needed to operate boats safely, navigate effectively, respond to emergencies, and understand maritime laws and regulations. We will see you are well-prepared for a career in the boating industry and equipped with the necessary expertise to succeed in various roles within the sector.

Trainees on board on the water with trainer
Trainees on board the Old Liffey Ferry

About Us

Our focus is to educate trainees in maritime skills and also how to care for the maritime/marine environment. Annually there will be 30 trainees who will complete this training. In addition to this training we want to encourage more women into the maritime industry. Our target group are those who are vulnerable early school leavers and unemployed.

Our project will primarily impact those who are unemployed within the port and Docklands area by providing the necessary skills to ensure sustainable employment within the maritime sector

Our Course

Why choose the Comprehensive Maritime Training Course?

CMTC Ceremony

Career Opportunities

The course provides trainees with the necessary groundwork to pursue a career in the constantly recruiting maritime industry.

Hands On Training

The training provided is practical, hands-on, and available to everyone. The trainees will gain valuable practical experience on the water during the course.

Irish Nautical Trust

Expert Instructors

With years of experience under their belts, our instructors have gained a wealth of knowledge in the industry and are committed to sharing their expertise with our students.

Trainees on board the Old Liffey Ferry

Personal Development

The Comprehensive Maritime Training Course empowers individuals to develop both their technical competencies and essential soft skills for a well-rounded and successful career.

Who is it suitable for?

Aged 18+

The course caters to individuals aged 18 and above, including school leavers and those seeking a career transition.

Locals welcome

Enroll in an inclusive course designed for learning, skill enhancement, and fostering community ties.

Seeking Employment

The course is designed for unemployed individuals and works closely with INTREO services to support participants receiving financial assistance.

Change of Career

Ideal for career changers, offering essential competencies and knowledge for success in the maritime industry.


Most frequent questions and answers

There are no fees for this course,

Yes.  This is a full time course.  Some weekend and overnight stays may be required for some elements of the training also (costs involved are covered by the INT).

The course takes approximately 12-15 weeks

All clothing, gear and safety equipment will be provided for the duration of the course.  If you have your own clothing suitable you are welcome to use it but you must use our safety equipment and gear when instructed.

On completion of the course, trainees are awarded a Certificate of Competency.  Part of the course is to complete Powerboat Level II certification which you will take with you also.  This course is the perfect starting point to receive Commercial Endorsement Licensing.

Please send an email and cover letter to [email protected] outlining your experience to date (if any – do not worry if you have none!) and why you are interested in this course.  Our team will be in touch ASAP.

Set Sail Towards A New Career

The Comprehensive Maritime Training Course is delivered through a blend of in-person lectures, practical training sessions, and real-world simulations. Our experienced instructors provide hands-on guidance and support to ensure that students receive a comprehensive education in maritime practices and procedures. Our focus is on practical learning and skill development to prepare students for successful careers in the maritime industry.


Great course for learning skills needed for working with boats and an amazing first step in a seafarer's career, there is no other course that offers anything like this. So if you are looking for a start in a seafarer career I would recommend checking out this course.
Dylan Wilde
As I grew older I always thought my chances of working at sea were fading fast, but after completing this course I now have the necessary skills and confidence to progress further with my career in the maritime industry. From navigation training to boat handling skills, the course covers a wide range of skills perfect for anyone interested in starting a career at sea.
Niall O'Farrell

For any enquiries please email