The Liffey Sweeper

Preserve natural resources for the future

The Irish Nautical Trust has launched the “Liffey Sweeper”, a new environmental vessel designed to collect large amounts of non-natural debris such as plastic, cans and bottles from the city’s waterways.

The newest addition to Dublin’s nautical fleet is part of the River Liffey Cleaning Project, the brainchild of Irish Nautical Trust Director Jimmy Murray, whose ambition is to remove all floating debris from the Liffey, the Dodder and the Tolka estuary.

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Some of the Work We Do

For generations, the River Liffey has been a source of pride and beauty for the people of Dublin. Over time, however, the impact of littering and pollution has left its mark on this natural treasure, damaging its water quality and detracting from its aesthetics. But we’re doing something about it. With a deep commitment to sustainability and a passion for protecting the environment, we’re taking steps to clean up the River Liffey and restore its natural beauty for generations to come.

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